A Review of the Atlas in Antarctic Science : 'a milestone product of 21st century Antarctic Science'

BBC News : New Antarctic atlas offers index of marine life

ABC News : First 'comprehensive' atlas of Southern Ocean marine life unveiled

RIA Novosti, Moscow: New Atlas of Southern Ocean Life to Indicate Health of Planet - Scientists

“Meesterwerk, masterpiece, chef-d’oeuvre, meisterwerk, capolavoro, obra maestro, saikō kessaku, шедевр, 杰作 . An honor and a privilege to be included.”
(Jesse Ausubel, Director Program of the Human Environment, Rockefeller University; co-founder of the Census of Marine Life)

“It is really a general survey that will mark a milestone. I don’t doubt that it will meet the success among the scientists, and, hopefully, among the decision-makers who discuss with much difficulties the protection status of some marine areas in the Southern Ocean”
(Yves Frenot, Director of IPEV)

“… The Atlas, of course, is much bigger than CAML; what it did was to create a new momentum of international cooperation in the study of marine biodiversity around the IPY. I truly hope that others will come along in the future to take our momentum forward, and build on our achievements.“
(Michael Stoddart, CAML Administrator, Hobart, Australia)

“I highly appreciate this prodigious work, which is a credit to our scientific community.”
(Myriam Sibuet, Institut Océanographique, Paris)

“This fantastic Antarctic biogeographic atlas is really a great scientific success !”
(Krzysztof Jażdżewski, (Hon.) Pro-Rector, University of Łódź)

«Votre ouvrage sur la biogéographie de l'Antarctique est tout à fait remarquable…. Il apporte énormément de nouveautés et ceci sous une forme aussi rigoureuse sur le fond qu'esthétique sur la forme.»
(Patrick Arnaud, Editorial Board of Polar Record)

April 30, 2020