API Reference

The POLA3R API URL search query can be constructed by appending the URL Endpoint to the domain, and then using the appropriate search string. (e.g., biodiversity.aq/pola3r/project_metadata/?start_date=2020-01-03). This takes the form: biodiversity.aq/pola3r/{URL Endpoint}/?{Search handle}{Search parameter}{value}.

The POLA3R data can be accessed and searched through this API in two ways:

  1. Pasting the search query URL into the browser, which will give the data in JSON format through the rest framework front end
  2. Using an HTML call service such as 'httpie' in Python or 'curl'
Data level URL Endpoint Search handle Search parameters Description
Project Metadata '/pola3r/project_metadata/' project_name "=","__icontains=" The name of the project
start_date "=", "__icontains=", "__gte=", "__lte=" The date the project started.
end_date "=", "__icontains=", "__gte=", "__lte=" The date the project ended.
abstract "__icontains=" The abstract describing the project
is_public "=" "true" or "false" only - if the dataset is public
project_creator__full_name "=","__icontains=" The full name of the person who created the project
associated_references__full_reference "__icontains=" Any literature references associated with the project
event_hierarchy__event_hierarchy_name "=","__icontains=" The string name of the event hierarchy
event_hierarchy__description "__icontains=" The description of the event hierarchy
event_hierarchy__event_type__name "__icontains=" The type of event hierarchy
event_hierarchy__event__parent_event__sample_name "__icontains=" If the event hierarchy is a child of another event hierarchy, the name of the parent
event_hierarchy__event__sample_name "__icontains=" The name of the event
event_hierarchy__event__event_metadata__sequence__sequence_name "=","__icontains=" The unique name of the sequence
event_hierarchy__event__event_metadata__sequence__target_gene "=","__icontains=" The name of the target gene of the sequence
event_hierarchy__event__sequences__primerName_forward "=","__icontains=" The forward primer name
event_hierarchy__event__sequences__primerName_reverse "=","__icontains=" The reverse primer name
event_hierarchy__event__sequences__seqData_numberOfBases "=","__gte=","__lte=" The number of sequence bases
event_hierarchy__event__sequences__seqData_numberOfSequences "=","__gte=","__lte=" The total number of sequences
Sequences /pola3r/sequences/ sequence_name "=","__icontains=" The name of the sequence
target_gene "=","__icontains=" The name of the target gene of the sequence
primerName_forward "=","__icontains=" The forward primer name
primerName_reverse "=","__icontains=" The reverse primer name
seqData_numberOfBases "=","__gte=","__lte=" The number of sequence bases
seqData_numberOfSequences "=","__gte=","__lte=" The total number of sequences