Global biogeography of desert cyanobacteria

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Last updated Dec. 15, 2020
Project contact Lacap-bugler Donnabella
Abstract Amplicon sequencing dataset (454 pyrosequencing) of Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA) and Cyanobacteria (nifH) in cold desert quartz rocks
Sequence data PRJEB15586
Citation Lacap-bugler D, Lee K, Archer S, Gillman L, Lau M, Leuzinger S, Lee C, Maki T, McKay C, Perrott J, de los Rios-Murillo A, Warren-Rhodes K, Hopkins D, Pointing S (2018): Global biogeography of desert cyanobacteria. v1.4. SCAR - Microbial Antarctic Resource System. Dataset/Metadata. (Available: Polar 'Omics Links to Antarctic, Arctic and Alpine Research. Antarctic Biodiversity Portal. Scientific Committee for Antarctic Research. Accessed: 2023-03-30)

Map attribution: Tiles © Esri — Source: Esri, DeLorme, NAVTEQ, USGS, Intermap, iPC, NRCAN, Esri Japan, METI, Esri China (Hong Kong), Esri (Thailand), TomTom, 2012

Summary statistics
Sampling event records 7
Sample records 7
Sequence metadata records 7
Environmental metadata records 0
Sampling events
Year Records
Sample metadata
Sample Metadata Records
Location Amundsen Sea 6
Environmental biome ocean biome [ENVO:01000048] 7
Sequence metadata
Sequence metadata Records
Target gene 16S ssu rRNA 4
Target gene nifH 3
Target subfragment v3-v4 4