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Microbial communities (Bacteria and Archaea) in Lake Fryxell (Antarctica) along an oxygen gradient
Jungblut Anne

Amplicon sequencing dataset (MiSeq) of Archaea and Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA) in microbial mats at the floor of lake Fryxell (Antarctica).

Antarctic cryptoendolithic fungal communities ITS amplicon sequencing
Coleine Claudia

Amplicon sequencing dataset of cryptoendolithic (sandstone) fungal communities (ITS1 marker gene) in Victoria Land (continental Antarctica).

Antarctic Surface Snow Bacterial Communities
Malard Lucie

Amplicon sequencing dataset (Illumina MiSeq) of Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA) in surface snow collected between the South Orkney Islands and the Ellsworth Mountains between December 2012 and January 2014.

Microbial Fungi in soils on different Sub-Antarctic islands
Cox Filipa

Aplicon sequencing dataset (454 pyrosequencing) of microbial Fungi (ITS) in soils from Bird Island, Signy Island and Leonie Island (Sub-Antarctica)

Benthic microbial communities (Bacteria, 16S) of coastal terrestrial and ice shelf Antarctic meltwater ponds
Archer Stephen

The investigation of bacterioplankton, mat and sediment microbial communities from the Bratina Island meltwater ponds in Late November 2009, January 2012 and January 2013 and from meltwater ponds at the mouth of the Miers Valley in January 2013 using 16S rRNA pyrosequencing. Ponds range in size fro…

Hypolithic and soil bacteria in Miers_Valley, Antarctica
Makhalanyane Thulani

Amplicon sequencing dataset (454 pyrosequencing) of Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA gene, v3 region) in hypolithic and soil environments of Miers Valley, Antarctica

Microorganisms (Bacteria, Archaea and phototroph eukaryotes) from Fildes Bay, King George Island, Antarctica
Moreno-Pino Mario

Amplicon sequencing dataset (Illumina MiSeq and 454 pyrosequencing) of Bacteria and Archaea (16S ssu rRNA gene) and phototroph eukaryotes (16S chloroplast) from sea water in Fildes Bay, King George Island, Antarctica

Sequenced genes (ureC gene) and a metagenome from Archaea in Arctic and Antarctic marine environments
Alonso-Saez Laura

Microbial dataset containing sequenced genes (ureC gene) from Thaumarchaeota from the Beaufort Sea (Arctic) and the Amundsen Sea (Antarctica), as well as a metagenome (454 pyrosequencing) the Beaufort Sea.

Global biogeography of desert cyanobacteria
Lacap-bugler Donnabella

Amplicon sequencing dataset (454 pyrosequencing) of Bacteria (16S ssu rRNA) and Cyanobacteria (nifH) in cold desert quartz rocks

ITS samples from the air and snow of Livingston Island
2019-03-11 Rosa Luiz Hendrique

Snow (n=2) and air (n=1) samples from Livingston Island (Antarctica) were analyzed for the presence of Fungi using amplicon sequencing techniques (Illumina MiSeq, ITS2 marker gene).

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