Publish biodiversity data.

The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal support the collection, management, mobilisation and publication of Antarctic biodiversity data.

We provide support and advice to any data owners that wants to publish Antarctic and Southern Ocean biodiversity data, this can be data centres, research institutes, researchers, students or citizen scientists. The main standard we support is the Darwin Core standard maintained by the Darwin Core maintenance group and used by bot OBIS and GBIF. Darwin Core is primarily based on taxa, their occurrence in nature as documented by sampling events; observations, specimens, samples, and related information.

We mainly publish data through our own integrated Publishing Toolkit ( This ensures that data is published according to the FAIR Principles (Findable, Accessible, Interoperable, Reusable). This allows the publication of

  • Project metadata
  • Species Checklist
  • Sampling event data
  • Occurrence data
  • Additional measurements linked to biological observations.

We can offer advice on

  • Setting up a Data Management Plan for biological research
  • how to document your biological observations in the field
  • how to set up and manage you own Integrated Publishing Toolkit (IPT)

We can off support for

  • Data Quality control
  • Publication of Project Metadata and data using our own instance of the Integrated Publishing toolkit (

Integrated Publishing Toolkit

Publish biodiversity data with IPT.