Image taken by Quentin Jossart licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0.

Identification keys for Echinodermata

Title Author(s) Format Open access
OFID: Ophiuroidea Family Identification key M Goharimanesh, S Stöhr, O Mirshamsi, F Ghassemzadeh, D Adriaens Xper3 Key Yes
Antarctic Echinoidea T Saucède Xper3 Key Yes
Odontasteridae of the Southern Ocean Q Jossart, C Moreau, B Danis Xper3 Key Yes
Porcellanasteridae family C Moreau, Q Jossart, B Danis Xper3 Key Yes
Pterasteridae of the Southern Ocean Q Jossart, M Kochzius, B Danis, T Saucède, C Moreau Xper3 Key Yes
Sea star Families Q Jossart, C Moreau, K Neill, B Danis Xper3 Key Yes
Field guide to Kerguelen Islands coastal Echinoderms PROTEKER Website Yes
Amazing Antarctic Asteroids: a guide to the starfish of the Ross Sea K Neill Interactive PDF Yes
Extraordinary Echinoderms: An interactive guide to the sea stars, brittle stars, feather stars, sea eggs, and sea cucumbers (echinoderms) of New Zealand S Mills, K Neill, O Anderson, N Davey Interactive PDF Yes
Starfishes of the Atlantic A Clark & M Downey Book No
Artificial Keys to the Genera of Living Stalked Crinoids (Echinodermata) M Roux, CG Messing, N Améziane Scientific paper Yes
Morphological diagnoses of higher taxa in Ophiuroidea (Echinodermata) in support of a new classification T O’Hara, S Stöhr, A Hugall et al Scientific paper Yes
The Echinodermata of subantarctic Marion and Prince Edward Islands ML Branch, M Jangoux, V Alva et al Scientific paper Yes
Unrecognized Antarctic Biodiversity: A Case Study of the Genus Odontaster (Odontasteridae; Asteroidea) A Janosik, K Halanych Scientific paper Yes