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10 июня 2024 года

Семинар: Разработка структуры основных переменных биоразнообразия (ОВБ) в наземных антарктических и субантарктических экосистемах

Workshop Information

Dates: September 18-20, 2024
Location: Scott Polar research Institute, Cambridge United Kingdom (with online participation options available)

Dear Colleagues,

The SCAR Antarctic Biodiversity Portal, The Expert group on Antarctic Biodiversity informatics (EGABI) and Ant-ICON SCAR Research Programme are excited to announce a workshop focused on developing a standardised framework for calculating Essential Biodiversity Variables (EBVs) for terrestrial Antarctic and sub-Antarctic ecosystems. This workshop will be held from September 18 (lunchtime) -20 (lunchtime), 2024, with both in-person and online participation options available.

Workshop Objectives

  • Define a common set of EBVs relevant to the region, considering existing international frameworks and specific ecological characteristics.
  • Develop standardised protocols for monitoring these EBVs, ensuring data quality, comparability, and long-term sustainability.
  • Establish analytical workflows for calculating EBVs, maintaining data quality, comparability, and long-term viability.
  • Identify existing EBV data and explore data sharing and integration mechanisms.
  • Address key knowledge gaps through targeted research and capacity-building initiatives.
  • Create a roadmap for implementing a standardised EBV monitoring program.
  • Promote the use of EBVs to inform policy and decision-making for Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity conservation.

Diversity and Inclusivity Goals

  • Welcoming and Inclusive Environment: We will foster a respectful atmosphere where everyone feels comfortable contributing ideas. The workshop will adhere to a Code of Conduct based on the principles of the rOpenSci initiative (https://ropensci.org/code-of-conduct/) or a similar code established by SCAR or APECS. We encourage the use of inclusive language and aim to avoid jargon or technical terms that might exclude participants.
  • Diversity in Participation: We actively seek participants from diverse backgrounds (gender, ethnicity, age, ability,career stage). We will offer travel support for selected participants.
  • Travel Support: There is a limited budget available for travel support. People who want to attend in person but require travel support should indicate so in the registration form.



Call to Action

We encourage researchers, policymakers, and stakeholders interested in Antarctic and sub-Antarctic biodiversity conservation to participate in this important workshop. More information about the workshop, including registration details and travel support opportunities, will be available soon.