Tools relevant for biodiversity data management. Please remember to properly cite the tool(s) whenever you use it in your work.

Often biodiversity data is in input in crosstab format when in the field. In order to publish this data, you will need to convert it into a flattened list. This is a small tool to help you do that. Developed by GBIF Norway.

Online tool

UUID generator

Random universally unique identifier (Version 4 UUID) online generator. Useful for generating identifiers for eventID, occurrenceID, etc.

The GBIF data validator is a service that allows anyone with a GBIF-relevant dataset to receive a report on the syntactical correctness and the validity of the content contained within the dataset. By submitting a dataset to the validator, you can go through the validation and interpretation procedures usually associated with publishing in GBIF and quickly determine potential issues in data - without having to publish it.

You can use the WoRMS Taxon Match Tool to automatically match your species list or taxon list with WoRMS. After matching, the tool will return your file with the AphiaID’s, valid names, authorities, WoRMS classification and/or any other output you selected.

Downloadable GIS layers


Quantarctica is a collection of Antarctic geographical datasets for research, education, operations, and management in Antarctica, and let you explore, import, visualize, and share Antarctic data. It includes community-contributed, peer-reviewed data from ten different scientific themes and a professionally-designed basemap.